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Sales Ninja Career Opportunity

Sales Ninja

Looking for an outgoing, self motivated, tech savvy individual to help push us to the next level. Initial role would include managing a pipeline of incoming event information requests and eventually will grow into sales campaigns as we expand into new geographies.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Developing target lists of customer segments (e.g., school, fairs/festivals, event planners, corporations)
  • Preparing and executing outreach strategy for customer segments
  • ​Working with owners to enhance pipeline tracking and create formalized processes for use of CRM software
  • Outgoing and persistent personality, will continue to follow up and refuse to take “no” for an answer, able to think on your feet and pivot quickly as needed
  • Disciplined approach to executing strategic plan
  • ​Client relationship management through contracting, event execution, and then re-booking process
  • ​Must be a self starter, tech savvy and able to work remotely
  • ​Innovative ideas to improve events will be appreciated and rewarded

The position would be a full-time, commission based, with the opportunity for growth into a salaried position with incentives. 

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Sales with Ninja Anywhere has been an awesome experience! I wake up everyday knowing I'm playing a role in impacting our youth and communities. Prospects are very excited and intrigued by what Ninja Anywhere is all about. So talking with them and making their ninja event become a reality is fun and exciting. I would highly recommend joining this amazing team!
Tracie C. - Sales Ninja
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