Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is It Safe?

While there is an element of risk to any athletic activity, we set up the necessary precautions to make this a fun and safe experience for everyone. We do the following to minimize the risk of injury:
  • Inspection: We inspect the ninja rig equipment on a regular basis and before every event.
  • Padding: We put crash pads/mats under the hanging obstacles to catch any falls.
  • Customization: We will work with you to understand the skill level of the participating ninjas and can recommend customized obstacles for your group
  • Rules: We continuously enforce our four ninja rules and have safety signs, instructions, and other guidance materials posted around the trailer.

Bad Weather?

Even for ninjas, weather is always a risk when hosting an outdoor event.  Our ninja obstacle rig is water resistant, so, a little rain isn’t enough to stop us!

However, safety is a priority: if there is lightning, then all ninja activity stops immediately and we take shelter until it resolves.

Our first resort is to pray for great weather. If inclement weather is expected on the day of the event, we will set up the ninja rig as close to a building as possible and then use any indoor space (e.g., gym space, a pole barn, gazebo, or picnic shelter) for inflatables and balance/agility.

Our last resort is to reschedule the event for a clearer, more ninja-friendly day. This decision will be made 12 hours before the event!


To host an incredible event, a few things are needed:
  • Space: Space of 100’ x 100’ for the ninja rig, inflatables, and balance/agility activities. Prefer on grass, but we can also do a parking lot.
  • Clearance: If we are entering a venue, we need at least 13’6″ of clearance and the ability to drive a 70 foot rig to the desired event site.
  • Volunteers: Our way of helping keep your event costs down is to utilize 3-5 adult volunteers. Not required, but much cheaper if able.
  • ​Fun: From the moment we arrive, our number one goal is for everyone to have fun. The more hype your create and the more energy you bring, then the more unforgettable the event will be for everyone!


We require a signed waiver for all ninjas who wish to participate ("So good you have to sign a waiver!").

All our waivers are electronic and easy to complete online or onsite using a cell phone or our iPads.

Ninja Anywhere agrees to maintain Commercial General Liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 annual aggregate. The policy shall cover liability arising from premises, operations, products-completed operations, personal injury, advertising injury, and contractually assumed liability.

Upon request we will provide a certificate of insurance to the hosting organization and with a nominal fee, Host may ask to be endorsed as an additional insured. 

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